parallel practices, Crafts Council, Liz Ciokajlo, Kings Hospital

I am really pleased to be asked to be a mentor on Parallel Practices a pilot project of residencies partnering makers and medical and scientific academics developed in partnership with the Cultural Institute at King’s College London.

Parallel Practices aims to demonstrate the mutual benefits and value of collaboration between biomedical scientists and craft makers through three residencies between makers and medical professionals.

The project is intended to stimulate learning and innovation through a focus on the body, materials and processes that inform clinical outcomes and artistic practice. This will lead to new ways of working in collaboration and showcase tangible outcomes such as new artistic work and medical interventions in craft making. 

From http://www seroquel 200   The Crafts Council is behind the project


For me I think the project is really right and really now. Materiality is becoming mutualist to the body. It is inevitable. The collaboration between the materiality and processes of our bodies and the understanding of development of man made materials and processes to best aid and enhance the body is best done through residencies and collaborative projects. Innovation at its finest!


The are four really exciting residencies. Watch this space for where you can find more information on the projects as these unfold.