Espace Foundation EDF, Paris, 26 april – 1 september 2013

A collaborative project under the BioCouture Fashion research consultancy directed by founder Suzanne Lee. Building on the innovative work of Suzanne we collaborated to research, explore and produce a ‘grown shoe’ from bacteria cellulose. The project was supported by an animation communicating the vision of a sustainable future manufacturing system to produce footwear made of biological materials. The project reflects the first stages of the work and is ongoing with new developments. For more information on the pioneering work of Suzanne Lee of BioCouture look here http://biocouture.co.uk

For the ‘Grown shoe’ http://lizciokajlo.co.uk/index.php/project/biocouture-grown-shoe/

For this first of its kind exhibition look here http://thisisalive.com/biocouture/